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The Chemtrail – H1N1 Swine Flu Connection

SkyWatch Canada Infowars September 15, 2009

Since early March of 2009 the skies over Canada’s Capital City have been littered with chemtrails dispensed by jets that resemble Boeing passenger 747’s. It all started about a week or so before Swine Flu news hit the mainstream. From that point on, the amount of chemtrails being sprayed in to the skies has gradually intensified.

So the question that needs to be asked is what is being sprayed into our skies, and why ? It is known amongst certain groups of people, that chemtrails consist mainly of Barium salts and Aluminum. This cocktail appears as a white spray (similar to a contrail, but lingers in the sky) and once dispersed can easily be mistaken for high altitude clouds. Some have even witnessed planes spraying a brown substance from low altitudes. This substance which has been observed, lands on the ground as a stringy/sticky gel. This gel has previously been analyzed by the Washington State Department of Heath and AmTest Laboratorie. It appeared to be composed of red blood cells mixed with biological agents. What are the implications of such incidences and what have they become more frequent in recent months?
In addition to increased chemtrail activity, the skies in the Nation’s Capital have seen a drastic change in flight patterns of what appear to be commercial 747s or look alikes. Planes have been flying lower than they ever have in the last 20 years. These jets make rounds over residential neighborhoods flying at altitudes as low as 500 ft. Neighborhoods that are a good 40 km away from the Ottawa airport. They seem to leave the airport fly in a circle over the city at extremely low altitudes and go back where they came from. The frequency of this type of occurrence in drastically increasing. The people need to ask why ? How come there are planes are flying low over houses every 5 minutes ? There certainly aren’t that many commercial flights coming in and out of Ottawa. Are the citizens being acclimated for some future event?

On the topic of Barium, it is known that it is toxic to humans. Not only does it disrupt digestive tract function, but it affects the immune system. The immune system destroys pathogens by producing T-Cells. Barium is known to bind to T-Cell receptors and effectively deactivate them.


Is it just a coincidence that we are being warned about a deadly re-emergence of A/H1N1 this fall and our immune systems are being assaulted on a daily basis with Barium ? Probably Not.

In regards to low flying jets. Is it possible they are practicing to release a bioweapon over densely populated areas ? It has been said that biological agents must be released at lower altitudes to ensure they aren’t damaged by the low temperatures found at high altitudes. Everybody knows the NWO crowd likes to acclimate the sheep. This sets the stage for a coordinated release of some biowepon as Steve Quayle has previously spoken of.

There are actually reports coming in that such an event may be in the works. Most pieces of evidence are mere eye witness accounts; but such is the world of intelligence. This kind of information would never make it into mainstream news. In March 2009, a youtube video was released of a call someone made to a radio show called the Power Hour.

The caller had been in touch with a truck driver, working on contract for the Department of Homeland Security. He was getting paid $500 USD a load for trucking bird flu vials to various destinations within the US. All of the deliveries were made at night, and the truck(s) were all escorted by armed undercover ex-cops/private security. Many of the loads were either picked up or dropped of at underground missile silos. The personnel receiving the deliveries were often in full Hazmat gear. The truck driver and his family were inoculated for ‘protection’ against bird flu.

This truck driver was paid at a Bank of America branch in a back room. He anonymously gave a number to the bank and was paid in cash on the spot. He was summoned randomly by DHS for meetings at 3am, and examined regularly to make sure he had not contracted the virus. One of his colleagues who owned an especially long flat bed was hired as part of the operation to haul an 80 ton missile across the country. The extremely heavy load blew his breaks and DHS promptly reacted and had them immediately fixed so he could complete the delivery.

Many of the truck driver’s deliveries were extremely mysterious in nature. He was often told to drive an empty truck from one location to another and then was stopped at a random site and led down a private road to a dropoff point, (many of which were underground missile silos) so if interrogated he could not divulge sensitive information. At one of his deliveries, he deliveried clear, refrigerated vials containing white liquid which were then loaded into a military C-130 plane.

The driver earned at least a hundred of thousand dollars delivering these loads. He and and his family have since been relocated to safe housing on a military base. The woman who called in this information to the radio show has presented it to the local Police and the FBI. The response from both of them was , “this thing is so big we won’t touch it with a 10 foot pole”. Obviously something big is afoot.

In addition to the truck driver’s story one of Steve Quayle’s credible intelligence sources divulged the following information on August 25th 2009: “One notable report from the Flaming Gorge Recreation Area in Utah, Wyoming, and near Colorado cited large numbers of Italian men in one cabin and large numbers of French men in another all speaking only in Italian and French . Also this report included excellent detail of some of these getting on Harley Davidson motorcycles after a Chinook Helicopter passed over the lodge. They were seen riding out to meet the Chinook and receiving something from it which then was taken back to the lodge. Noticeable were the large numbers of coolers at these respective cabins….perhaps the type that might keep samples of some Virus or Flu cool enough for preservation until samples were to be distributed?”

( )

With all of the clues available is it possible to conceive that after unsuspecting citizens have consumed excess amounts of Barium which has made It’s way from the clouds into the sewer systems and back into drinking water, that we are caught in a globalist conspiracy to lower our immune systems for the coming “second wave” of the so called swine flu ?

Will there be a synchronized aerosol release of weaponized influenza on the masses , or will there be live virus (in addition to deadly amounts of Squalene)inside the H1N1 vaccine, or both ?

 In terms of a method to achieve population reduction, bioweapons can theoretically be the most effective (only second to nuclear fallout) because after the initial release it continues to spread and multiply among humans. It’s evident from all of the mainstream propaganda about swine flu these days that we are being prepared for something big, even if the current swine flu outbreak up to this point has been no more than a joke.

Time is running out for Obama and the NWO crowd to seize dictatorial control of North America.

The masses are awakening at an unprecedented rate.

How will the next few months unfold?

Who will be victorious?

God Save The Republic.

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Montana Town Occupied By Private Paramilitary Security Force

A private security force whose biggest role is helping the U.S. government to “combat terrorism” is now patrolling the streets of a town in Montana, acting as law enforcement but accountable to nobody and operating completely outside the limitations of the U.S. constitution in a chilling throwback to the brownshirts of Nazi Germany.

The American Police Force organization is a paramilitary unit that “provides surveillance, investigative, and military services across the world,” according to its website, which shows men dressed in military fatigues carrying machine guns.

“As part of our mission, APF plays a critical role in helping the U.S. government meet vital homeland security and national defense needs. Within the last 5 years the United States has been far and away our #1 client. Technologies, programs, and services performed by APF have played a very important role in U.S. military and civilian efforts to protect our homeland and combat terrorism,” the website states.

APF were originally contracted to provide security at a previously empty detention center in Hardin, a small town in Montana, but are now patrolling the streets driving SUV’s with “Police Department” printed on them despite the fact that Hardin doesn’t have a police department. American Police Force has no jurisdiction in the area because it is a private organization, not a police force.

According to Two Rivers Authority officials, having the private security force patrol the streets was not part of the contract. “I have no idea. I really don’t because that’s not been a part of any of the discussions we’ve had with any of them,” Two Rivers Authority’s Al Peterson told KULR 8 News. Peterson said that patrolling the streets was on the “wishlist” of APF’s Captain Michael.

The American Police Force is a shady outfit shrouded in suspicion. According to an Associated Press report, questions over the legitimacy of the organization abound.

“Government contract databases show no record of the company. Security industry representatives and federal officials said they had never heard of it. On its Web site, the company lists as its headquarters a building in Washington near the White House that holds “virtual offices.” A spokeswoman for the building said American Police Force never completed its application to use the address,” reports AP.

Furthermore, APF was tasked with filling the empty Hardin detention center with inmates, without any clear indication of where those prisoners would come from.

“It’s unclear where the company will get the inmates for the jail. Montana says it’s not sending inmates to the jail, and neither are federal officials in the state,” according to the report.

Maybe the inmates will be the local population of Hardin if American Police Force is allowed to continue to pose as a law enforcement outfit in the town, which is exactly what they intend to do for at least another month.

Having a private security force whose stated mission is to help the U.S. government “combat terrorism” patrol the streets of small towns in America without even having the authority to do so from local authorities is obviously a frightening pretext and harks back to the private paramilitary forces that helped Adolf Hitler rise to power in Nazi Germany.

Many fear that if martial law is declared in response to a flu pandemic or other emergency, private security forces such as APF will be used by the government to oppress citizens by operating outside of the law.

This is completely unconstitutional and a flagrant threat to the liberty and security of the population of Hardin. The County Sheriff is effectively breaking the law if he doesn’t immediately kick APF out of the area and end the occupation of the town by a private paramilitary army.

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Forced Vaccination and Quarantine Laws in Canada

After the mainstream media ran numerous stories on mass vaccination plans in Canada and the US there has been a large outcry from health care workers as well as the general public. Although the media never came out and plainly said that the ‘H1N1 Vaccine is mandatory for everyone’, they did allude to it.

A story was published in the National Post that plainly stated “Under Canada’s official pandemic plan, the entire population would ultimately be immunized against the H1N1 swine flu.”.

This is basically equivalent to saying that the H1N1 vaccine is compulsory for all Canadians. But after the public expressed disdain for this, the government started to back pedal. Chief Public Health Officer Dr. David Butler-Jones started making statements like ,“ Immunization will not be mandatory and not all Canadians are expected to want it.”

More news articles were later published making it seem like only enough vaccine is being ordered for the 75% of the population that are expected to want it. But then the results of the vaccine ‘trials’ ‘demonstrated’ that only one dose will be needed as opposed to two.

This implies that Ontario has ordered more than enough vaccine to inoculate the entire population. So in light of all of the mixed messages, what’s the real story on forced vaccination in Canada?

In 1996 Ontario passed the Health Care Consent Act, which allows treatment such as vaccination to be administered without consent of the individual in the case of a loosely defined “Emergency”.

In Quebec the Public Health Act clearly states: “Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, while the public health emergency is in effect, the Government or the Minister, if he or she has been so empowered, may, without delay and without further formality, to protect the health of the population,

(1) order compulsory vaccination of the entire population or any part of it against smallpox or any other contagious disease seriously threatening the health of the population and, if necessary, prepare a list of persons or groups who require priority vaccination. ”

Clearly it is not unforeseeable that mandatory vaccination could be a reality in Canada during this pandemic.

Recently, Greg Evensen a former Kansas State Trooper reported that he has state troopers across America telling him that to enforce vaccination orders this fall, road blocks will be set up along with a system to identify travelers who have received the vaccine.

Metal shackle like bracelets with embedded RFID chips will be attached to those who receive the shot. Those who refuse to be vaccinated will be loaded on a bus and sent to a quarantine facility/FEMA camp.

Templates for quarantine orders for Iowa , Florida and North Carolina have been found on the CDC web server, that tell a similar story.

Get the H1N1 vaccine or get sent to a quarantine/detention facility.

The question should be asked, are there similar plans in the works in Canada?

In 2005 a new Quarantine Act was passed to deal with the transmission of communicable diseases by travelers entering or leaving Canada.

Powers are awarded under this act to a Quarantine Officer to issue an order for a traveler who may have come in contact with someone with a communicable disease, to comply with treatment (ie. vaccination) or any other preventative measure (Section 26).

If the traveler refuses to comply with the order he or she may face detention at a quarantine facility, until they decide to comply with treatment (ie. vaccination) or no longer pose a risk (Section 28). The threat posed by this act is diminished by the fact that it only applies to people leaving or entering Canada. Unfortunately there is a real possibility that the definition of a traveler may be expanded to include internal travelers (ie. everyone).

The 2004 Public Safety Act (Bill C-7 (2004) formerly Bill C-42 (2002)) amends the Quarantine Act , and in doing so grants powers to the Minister of Health to make an interim order without Parliamentary oversight, to expand the definition of a traveler to include anyone residing in Canada.

This sets the stage for a grim situation much like the one depicted by Greg Evensen. Is it likely that despite all the legislation allowing mandatory vaccination in Canada that they will be optional this fall ?

The mainstream media is trying to make it seem like that will be the case. But what if the NWO crime syndicate intends to advance their population reduction agenda through a mass vaccination campaign? Opposition to forced vaccinations would be more than enough reason to round up resistors and send them to quarantine facilities/ concentration camps.

If that is to be the case, lets hope things don’t go according to plan.

SkyWatch Canada
September 29, 2009

Provocateur Cops Caught Disguised As Anarchists At G20

Shocking video has emerged of cops posing as anarchist protesters at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, in yet another example of authorities attempting to provoke chaos at global summits in order to justify a brutal police crackdown.

Footage from Saturday night shows three burly older men who look completely out of place with black bandanas over their face walking alongside young protesters during a march against police brutality in a You Tube clip entitled “G20 Epic Undercover Police Fail”

The clip would be hilarious if it was not so disturbing. Protesters walking behind what are obviously badly disguised cops claim they broke cameras and acted aggressively towards genuine protesters, as well as carrying gas canisters. During a peaceful demonstration on Saturday night, riot cops savagely attacked protesters with batons and rubber bullets while also assaulting and arresting students who weren’t even part of the demonstration.

Watch the clip below.

At one point one of the undercover cops states, “Let’s not make this too much fun, I’m tired, I’m getting old.”

“Do you think it’s funny to mock our First Amendment rights, asks a demonstrator as onlookers begin to become aware that the men are obviously police officers dressed up as anarchists.

At every single major summit over the past few years, authorities have inserted agent provocateurs into protest groups in order to spy on them and if necessary, provoke violence to justify oppressive police brutality in the eyes of the watching world.

We have documented numerous different occasions where the leadership of the black bloc anarchists were actually working with the authorities to provide a pretext for a police state crackdown.

During the previous G20 protest in London, black bloc anarchists were allowed by police to smash up bank buildings while being accompanied by more press photographers than other protesters in what was obviously a stage-managed spectacle for mass consumption, while legitimate protest groups were refused “permits” to protest by the government.

Following the SPP protests in Canada two years ago, Quebec provincial authorities were forced to admit that three rock-wielding black mask-wearing “anarchists” were in fact police infiltrators used to gather information on protesters.

Video shows two of the provocateurs pick up rocks and try to incite violence before they are outed as cops by legitimate demonstrators. The two thugs then tried to slip behind police lines before their fellow officers were forced to stage their arrest. Again, the fact that they were cops in disguise was later admitted by authorities. Watch the video.

Alex Jones’ film Police State 2: The Takeover exposed how the black bloc anarchists were completely infiltrated and provocateured by the authorities during the violent 1999 WTO protests in Seattle.

The authorities declared a state of emergency, imposed curfews and resorted to nothing short of police state tactics in response to a small minority of hostile black bloc hooligans. Police allowed the black bloc to run riot in downtown Seattle while they concentrated on preventing the movement of peaceful protestors. The film presents clear evidence that the black bloc anarchist group was actually controlled by the state and used to demonize peaceful protesters.

Watch the video below.

Despite being caught over and over again dressed up as anarchists and posing as protesters, authorities are still content to use agent provocateurs in a desperate and underhanded attempt to make heightening levels of police brutality somehow appear as a legitimate response. Since this maneuver has now been totally discredited and everyone is fully aware of it, it’s unlikely that they will be able to get away with it at all for future protests.

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

The U.S. Creeps Closer to a Police State

When word first arrived that the G-20 would be meeting in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, activists began organizing protest demonstrations. Events like this are what freedom of speech is made for. What better occasion to protest than a meeting of the world’s 20 top leaders — most of them deservedly hated — where they will be imposing policy on billions of people worldwide?

The majority of protesters consisted of labor and community groups; they encountered an army of police…literally. The New York Times paints an intimidating picture:

“…the police were out in force, patrolling on bicycles, foot and horseback, by river and by air … protesters trying to march toward the convention center…encountered roaming squads of police officers carrying plastic shields and batons. The police fired a sound cannon (a new weapon) that emitted shrill beeps … then threw tear gas canisters that released clouds of white smoke and stun grenades that exploded with sharp flashes of light.” Rubber bullets were used in a separate incident.


“Riot fences lined the sidewalks. Police helicopters, gunboats and Humvees darted to and fro. City officials announced they had up to 1,000 jail cells ready after county officials freed up additional space last week by releasing 300 people who had been arrested on minor probation violations.” (September 25, 2009).

What threat required such a military-like response? None was given. The New York Times article and many like it imply that the mere existence of marching protesters warrants a colossal reaction. Of course the presence of “anarchists” is used to further scare readers into accepting such foolishness, as if this breed of protester is especially lethal (the vast majority of anarchists are like all protesters — they do not attack the police or anybody else, though some protesters respond aggressively when being confronted with the above mentioned police weapons).

The G-20 police presence is not a terrible surprise to anyone who has attended a legitimate, community-organized protest over the years. Non-provoked usage of brutal weaponry is becoming commonplace; the police-enforced use of “free speech zones” at protests — small areas surrounded by fences in some cases — is nothing new.

But the staggering police presence at the G-20 confirms that the stakes have been raised. Two turning points that deserve special attention — since the mainstream media continues to ignore them — are last years Democratic and Republican National Conventions. In both cases incredible abuses of police powers were witnessed, with the Republican Convention (RNC) showcasing the most extreme cases of state repression.

At the RNC the unlawful tactic of mass arrests were used when, in separate incidents, a public park and bridge were surrounded by police, trapping everyone in the dragnet. The documentary, Terrorizing Dissent, has excellent footage of both episodes ( Police brutality was also a regular occurrence at the RNC — including much unnecessary usage of pepper spray and tasers — while occurring alongside an even more troubling episode.

The group now referred to as the RNC 8 consists of eight community organizers potentially facing years in jail for helping organize protests at the RNC. The original charge was the Orwellian Conspiracy to Riot in the second degree in Furtherance of Terrorism (other terrorism-related charges were later added). These terrorism charges were the first ever usage of the Patriot Act toward political activists. And although the terrorism provisions of the charges have since been dropped, due to public pressure, the attempt to equate terrorism with activism has incredible, non-accidental implications for the future.

When the Patriot Act was first enacted, there was no shortage of writers and activists warning about the potential of misuse. These predictions have been fully confirmed. Both the Military Commissions Act and the Patriot Act have created what many believe to be the framework for a full-fledged police state, with the initial flurry of abuses creating a series of dangerous precedents.

One famous precedent is the so-called Telecom scandal, where tele-communication corporations colluded with the Bush-controlled National Security Agency to illegally spy on an unknown number of innocent people. No one has gone to jail for this. Indeed, as a Senator, Obama was one of many Democrats who supported Bush’s telecom immunity bill, which excuses those who broke the law while creating new powers to make spying on Americans legal.

Equally outrageous is the Military Commissions Act, created under Bush to destroy a fundamental democratic right: habeas corpus, or due process. This right says that the government cannot jail a person unless there is proof of crimes committed, while also giving that person a chance to challenge these charges in a legal court with a jury.

Bush created a separate category of person called an “enemy combatant,” which he claimed was too dangerous to be treated constitutionally. An “enemy combatant” can be tried in a military court with secret or no evidence; or they can be jailed forever without even the symbolic military trial. Of course, it is only a hop and a skip away for political activists charged with terrorist crimes to be considered “enemy combatants” or “domestic terrorists.”

Obama continues to uphold Bush’s destruction of due process. Obama has said publicly that many so-called enemy combatants held at Guantanamo Bay will be held “indefinitely” without being tried for their alleged crimes. Supposedly, they are “the worst of the worst.” If this is true then evidence should be produced to prove it, since anyone can accuse anybody of the most heinous crimes. Without evidence, however, such accusations correctly fall on deaf ears. But no more. Now, accusations of "terrorist activities" warrant life sentences. No crime need be committed, only a vague intention — even if such intentions were formed by the suggestions of an FBI informant and are impossible to implement. The media blares these absurd “terrorist plots” as facts, and the rationale behind the destruction of civil liberties is re-enforced.

It must not be forgotten that many of the “crimes” Guantanamo Bay inmates are being accused of are merely acts of resistance to the military occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, something they have every right to do.

The grossly illegal Guantanamo Bay is not being closed down like Obama promised, but moved. The equally illegal Bagram air base in Afghanistan is getting an upgrade, this according to the Independent:

“The air base is about to undergo a $60 [million] (£42m) expansion that will double its size, meaning it can house five times as many prisoners as remain at Guantanamo.” (February 22, 2009).

Not only will Bagram continue to be an institution of terror, but also some analysts estimate that there remain 18,000 people held worldwide in foreign U.S. facilities — so-called black sites — with no legal rights. The absence of even Red Cross observation at these prisons insures that “harsh interrogations” (torture) will remain a regular habit.

The above abuses of the Patriot Act have trickled down from high-profile terrorism cases (some who have made confessions under torture), to regular usage against alleged gang members, drug dealers and immigrants.

For example, one section of the Patriot Act gives police the power to search people’s home secretly without notifying the homeowner — called “sneak and peeks,” a blatant violation of the Fourth Amendment. The logic again was that “special powers” were needed to track down “terrorists.”

The Huffington Post reported, “Only three of the 763 "sneak-and-peek" requests in fiscal year 2008 involved terrorism cases… Sixty-five percent were drug cases.” (September 23, 2009).

The illegal entry and searching of immigrant’s homes — or anyone suspected of being an immigrant -- is widely known by the Latino community and continues to include the terror-inducing tactics of pre-dawn raids with guns drawn.

Once anti-constitutional behavior is applied to alleged terrorists, and extended to immigrants and people suspected of being gang members or drug dealers, such police behavior becomes normalized, and can then be easily expanded to all people accused of being “criminals.” Police are widely known to consider political activists, protesters, and striking workers as criminal types, beliefs encouraged by the mainstream media.

Which brings us to why? Why does the destruction of democratic rights that accelerated under Bush continue with Obama? With every political "why" question one must first answer: who benefits?

In this case the benefiting parties are the giant corporations that dominate politics in the U.S. The people steering these companies had good foresight: they saw that the global capitalist economy necessitated a race to the bottom for workers' living standards. As U.S. corporations faced stiffer competition abroad for international markets, wages and benefits for U.S. workers would have to shrink, especially when U.S. corporations were investing heavily in emerging economies — China, India, etc., — for their slave wages.

U.S. corporate executives also understood that China became a police state out of necessity, so that its dollar-a-day workers could be brought into line (U.S. corporate investment rose sharply after the Tiananmen Square massacre). The trend of U.S. workers' wages leads logically to similar conclusions.

The creation of NAFTA to extend the dominance of U.S. corporations to Mexico and Canada would also have predictably negative effects on workers' living standards. Now, with two unpopular wars taking place and a third on the way (Pakistan) to further extend the profit margins of U.S. corporations, a breaking point is nearing.

Public money is being used to bail out banks and wage foreign wars while the recession continues to destroy jobs and drive down wages. This unpopular policy is viewed as a necessity for U.S. corporations, and Obama has no intention of reversing course. The police-state foundation created by Bush and continued under Obama is a stern warning to the U.S. working class to accept our fate or face dire consequences. It is already a fact that many people are too afraid of police repression to attend a protest, just as some workers are too afraid to be on a picket line during a strike.

Ultimately, a real democracy cannot function where there exists tremendous inequalities in wealth, where large sections of the population are in poverty. This is why democracies are not viable in poor countries: the super-rich use their power over the state — including dictatorships and mass repression — to crush social movements that challenge the status quo, as we are witnessing today in Honduras. The same dynamic is being created in the United States, where the vast majority of people are clamoring for real change, while those in the two-party system are using all means available to keep their rotten system in place.

Shamus Cooke is a social service worker, trade unionist, and writer for Workers Action ( He can be reached at

P.S. My only advice or response to information such as this is


Video: Pittsburgh Cops Target, Arrest Demonstrator

If the United States has become a Police State, how long till Canada follows?

After a Pittsburgh demonstrator is arrested, Darth Vader cops pin people in from two directions.

California Swine Flu Checkpoint Identified?

The testimony of a woman who claimed she was part of a military drill in California centered around setting up roadblocks to check if people had received the H1N1 vaccine has potentially been validated with another report of a swine flu checkpoint near San Diego.

Earlier this month we reported on the You Tube video of a woman who claimed to have taken part in an Army exercise which involved setting up roadblocks and checkpoints so authorities could check who has received the swine flu vaccine. Those who have had the shots will be fitted with an RFID bracelet so they can be tracked. Those who have not taken the shot will be offered it there and then and if they still refuse, will be carted off to an internment camp, according to the woman.

Former Kansas state trooper Greg Evensen spoke of similar checkpoints recently, when he told an audience in West Virginia that preparations to enforce mandated vaccinations were being focused around preventing those who haven’t had the shot from traveling.

“I have been told by state troopers across the country that there are plans ready to be implemented that would include roadblocks and choke points as we call them, major interstate junctions around major cities and so forth where the greatest number of people can be held until they prove their vaccination by papers,” Evenson said, adding that permanent RFID bracelets would then be used to identify those who had taken the shot

“I have been told that the plans would include buses standing by for people at roadblocks that refuse to take the inoculation,” added Evenson, saying that such refusniks would then be taken to military bases and imprisoned.
“Get your shot or get on the bus, that’s what’s coming,” warned Evenson.
Authorities in Boston have already trialed RFID bracelet technology, with the purpose of creating a “vaccination map” charting which people have taken the vaccine and which have not, or “creating a citywide registry of everyone who has had a flu vaccination,” as a Boston Globe article describes.

Participants were given a bracelet with a unique identifier code, exactly as described in the You Tube clip of the woman’s testimony.

We have now received yet another report of a roadblock staffed by armed military personnel centered around checking whether people have received vaccines.

A reader e mailed us a photo (see top of page) and the testimony of his friend who was traveling from California to Arizona after visiting friends. The man was driving through mountains east of San Diego when he came across a roadblock.

“As I neared the border they had a checkpoint set up but not the usual stateline checkpoint,” he writes.

“As I approached I noticed armed military personnel had most of the cars pulled over and there were a lot of people going in and out of a mobile trailer. The people looked confused and some upset. Seeing what was going on made me really nervous,” the man adds.

He was then approached by a women in military fatigues who asked him where he was driving and “something about a vaccination.”

“I got scared and told her I was a state geologist doing field research and because I was doing so much driving back and forth I had my vaccine on campus. She didn’t say anything for a few seconds and then the car behind me started honking and she got pissed and waved me on. I was so scared!,” he concludes.

The truck with the green stripe seen in the image is undoubtedly a border patrol car, but a blow up of the picture shows men dressed in military cammo, not the usual single color green uniform of border patrol agents. One of the men on the left hand side of the car in front appears to be carrying a large firearm.

Whether this was just another of the sprawling internal checkpoints that are now popping up all over the country is open to debate, but the fact that vaccines were mentioned indicates that this was potentially another drill in preparation for a mass swine flu outbreak. The addition of mobile trailers and unhappy people being forced to leave their cars and undergo some form of involuntary procedure hints that this could have been something even more ominous.

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, September 28, 2009

G20 Police & Military Savagely Attack Peaceful Protesters In Pittsburgh Park

Update: Infowars Reporter Rob Dew Now Released After Being Arrested

Police and military units savagely attacked peaceful protesters in a Pittsburgh park last night, cracking heads with billy clubs, deploying LRAD sound cannons and shooting rubber bullets at close range, according to Infowars’ Jason Bermas. Fellow Infowars reporter Rob Dew was arrested during the melee.

Bermas called Alex Jones last night as the attack unfolded. Around 200 to 300 peaceful protesters had converged at Schenley Park for a demonstration but they were soon under assault from busloads of riot cops and military units who quickly descended on the scene.

According to Bermas, police were aggressively charging protesters and cracking them on the head with billy clubs and also shooting rubber bullets at close range, which in numerous past cases has proven deadly.

Police also deployed LRAD sound cannons once again in an attempt to disperse the protesters. Pittsburgh marks the first time that such weapons have been used against American citizens in public as before they were only used against insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bermas described the scene as like something out of a movie as police attempted to block off the whole park and catch every single protester and were prepared to use violence to do so, saying that they would run up to people and crack them on the head as hard as possible.

“Everyone was just sort of standing around spectating. No one was really having an adamant protest. It was just a bunch of college kids,” witness Ben Balik told The Pittsburgh Channel.

By the end of the confrontation, around half of the entire crowd of protesters had been arrested, including Infowars producer Rob Dew and most likely We Are Change leader Luke Rudkowski.

“Varun Viswanathan, a Pitt sophomore, said he saw a police officer hitting one individual, reports Pitt News.

“I think they completely use unnecessary force on us,” he said. “They have no right to do that.”

“Pitt senior Ken Egler called the police action “one of the crazier things” he’d seen during last night’s protests, especially since he didn’t see many demonstrators in Oakland.”

“I really think it’s ridiculous,” Egler said. “We should be allowed to protest. This is needed, and they’re just basically trying to scare us.”

It is important to emphasize that the obscene behavior of cops in Pittsburgh suggests that police in America will now follow any orders, no matter how barbaric. No one can plausibly deny that the majority of cops would willingly line up American citizens and blow their heads off if they were ordered to.

Police behavior at the G20 has been widely condemned as unwarranted and the violence metered out not to provide security but to provoke demonstrators.

“The deployment of police seems to be more geared toward suppressing lawful demonstrations than actually preventing crime,” Witold Walczak, legal director of the ACLU of Pennsylvania, told the Associated Press.

“Legal observers at the gathering saw police surrounding, chasing and arresting students who weren’t involved in the protest, said Paige Cram, spokeswoman for the National Lawyers Guild, a liberal legal-aid group. She called the show of force “an ominous spectacle,” adds the AP report, referring to a similar protest on Friday night.

“A video posted Friday on YouTube shows a group of Pitt students briefly trapped on the outdoor stairwell of a campus building, evidently exposed to gaseous pepper spray and unable to move because riot police were blocking the bottom and top of the stairs. The students had been standing on a second-floor balcony, observing the clash between police and protesters on the street below.”

As of Saturday morning, we were unable to trace the exact whereabouts of Infowars reporter Rob Dew after he was arrested last night.

“After a long night of calls to Allegheny County Jail and the Pennsylvania Corrections Department, they keep referring us to one another saying they have no information, but that “protesters” are treated differently,” writes Jason Bermas.

We can now report that Rob Dew has been released and the Infowars crew are attempting to catch their flights back to Austin.

Paul Joseph Watson
Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jamboree Used by Military, Police to Indoctrinate Boy Scouts

An Infowars reader has sent us an account of military and police indoctrination of Boy Scouts at the Boy Scouts Of America Great Lakes Centennial Jamboree, held on September 25, 26, and 27 at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

"I thought it would be a great adventure with thousands of scouts from all over the Midwest,” an assistant Scout Master writes in an email. “The official count was 10,144 people in attendance (Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Adult Leaders, Parents, and Staff).”

Instead of an old-fashioned Boy Scout event of camping and outdoor activities, the attendees were subjected to unrelenting military and police propaganda.

The Scout Master immediately noticed the presence of the Wisconsin Army National Guard and police at the event. The next day, he observed Humvees, troop vehicles, cargo vehicles, a patriot missile battery truck, and other military equipment at the event.

The police demonstrated “chase and takedown demonstrations” and showed off a new SWAT vehicle. “There were several military displays,” he writes. “The National Guard had a Baghdad combat simulator setup that people 16 and older could try. Three people at a time were allowed in, one person got to man a machine gun on a vehicle, another got an M16/AR15 [while] the other person got a 9mm pistol. You were simulating going through the streets of Baghdad trying to kill terrorists, militants etc. There were also civilians you were supposed to either avoid shooting or determine if they were a terrorist. There was an Army Blackhawk helicopter that showed up and circled the area and then landed for people to go look at and get into and talk to the Army pilots.” (See photos below.)
The Lt. General of the Wisconsin National Guard gave a speech and compared the Boy Scouts to the U.S. Army. “They showed video on two big screens that were on either side of the stage that showed old and new video of scouts in different activities, marching, and mixed in with those scenes were video scenes of the Army and scenes from World War I and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Scout Master, a listener of the Alex Jones Show, said the display disturbed him deeply. “I have to tell you I was scared to death of what is getting ready to happen to scouting. I told my son who was with me at the show to listen for certain things and don’t buy into what was being said. I felt like I was in 1940’s Nazi Germany and was being prepared for indoctrination.”

When he expressed concern to other adults at the event, he was dismissed as a conspiracy theorist.

“I even saw Girl Scouts at this Jamboree (not to as many as the Boy Scouts mind you but there were some). I think scouting is a very important thing in the lives of boys and girls. I think we can still save the Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts if ALL scout leaders and parents of scouts stand up and in one voice say ‘NO!’ we will not have our boys and girls turned into the Hitler Youth of America. We need to write, call the local Councils, and the National offices and tell them to STOP this ‘indoctrination’ that is happening to our boys and girls. It’s not to late!” he concludes.


On May 14, 2009, Infowars reported on a program initiated by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI to train Boy Scouts and “thousands of young people in skills used to confront terrorism, illegal immigration and escalating border violence — an intense ratcheting up of one of the group’s longtime missions to prepare youths for more traditional jobs as police officers and firefighters,” according to the New York Times.

“The Boy Scouts of America has announced a partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on Ready Kids, a family-friendly program designed to increase the level of citizen preparedness nationwide by motivating and helping parents and teachers to educate children about the importance of being prepared for emergencies,” a press release issued by the Boy Scouts announced in February. “Scouting embodies the very essence of being prepared and has specific training and merit badges designed to encourage proper awareness and planning in our Scouts. To partner on a program such as this allows us to reinforce the importance of preparation to families throughout the nation,” said Roy Williams, Chief Scout Executive.

“The Department of Homeland Security is training teenage scouts how to conduct armed raids on terrorists and drug dealers,” Steve Watson wrote on May 14. “Given recent concerns over the DHS definition of ‘right wing extremists’ and the agency’s penchant to affiliate veterans, gun owners, Ron Paul supporters and even those who question the mainstream media with terrorists, one wonders exactly who the boy scouts are being trained to target.”

Earlier this month the AFP reported on an effort by the DHS to recruit Girl Scouts. “The United States wants to enlist its 3.4 million Girl Scouts in the effort to combat hurricanes, pandemics, terror attacks and other disasters. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) launched a campaign Tuesday to entice the blue, brown and green-clad multitudes to be even more prepared, with the promise of a new patch if they pitch in.”

“The news that Girl Scouts are to be recruited for disaster preparedness by the federal government follows similar programs being run by the DHS that train Boy Scouts how to conduct armed raids on discontented American citizens, described as ‘terrorists’ and ‘drug dealers’ by Homeland Security,” Paul Joseph Watson noted on September 10.

The Boy Scout event in Wisconsin was exploited by the government to further the indoctrination agenda, preparing America’s youth for a future of foreign wars, occupations, and mass murder campaigns and the police state lockdown at home.

Kurt Nimmo
September 27, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mindless Neo-Cons Claim G20 Abduction Video Is “Fake”

After the Drudge Report linked to the shocking You Tube video of a G20 protester being abducted by military police in Pittsburgh, hoards of mindless Neo-Cons flooded comment boards claiming the event was “fake” or “staged,” citing all manner of ludicrous and unfounded reasons in a desperate effort to deny the fact that America is now a military police state.

As we reported earlier, the video shows an unmarked gold Sedan pulling up to a side street as men in military fatigues wrestle a protester towards the car. The protester is forced into the car and kidnapped as the Sedan speeds off into a cloud of tear gas.

Debunkers attempted to attack the chilling gravity of the video by firstly claiming the men were not from the “military,” as if it even matters whether they are police, national guard, or marines. We know for a fact that the Pittsburgh National Guard were training with the Army and the Air Force in anticipation of the G20, namely on how to conduct crowd control, and that active duty military personnel are on the ground in Pittsburgh.

However, scores of commenters on You Tube merely dismissed the chilling video with throwaway lines like “FAKE…move on,” as if their childlike response of denying reality could make the monsters go away.

Here’s a selection of the comments currently appearing underneath the video on You Tube.

“Fake. Staged. Next…”

“it’s staged. Marines don’t roll up their sleeves.”

“No arms or insignia, and they drove off in what looked like somebody’s grandmother’s car — this looks like a false flag op to me, staged by a bunch of radicals to make the government look bad.”

Proof that the incident was by no means staged comes in the form of a photograph taken of the same man under arrest laying on the ground in plastic handcuffs. The men in military uniforms are accompanied by uniformed riot police, proving that this was a genuine and coordinated arrest and abduction. The men in military uniforms are not protesters dressed up as Marines, as the Neo-Cons are bizarrely claiming.

Other respondents on You Tube express suspicion at the alarming amount of comments claiming the video is “fake”.

“The behavior on this board is very suspicious. I see way too many comments that this video is fake–these “skeptics” are all over this hammering the point that this video is fake,” remarks one.

“One might expect a few “it’s fake” claims, but so many? Are there that many supporters of the good work of the G20 leaders who? have the time to make “retarded anarchists” on youtube videos. Or could it be that the military goons have been directed to swarm this video to attempt to discredit it?”

The authenticity of the video is proven by another You Tube clip that shows footage from immediately after the kidnapping. A man wearing a red bandana who was protesting the abduction is arrested and dragged away by riot police as other demonstrators express their sock at the events that are unfolding.

This proves that both men were targeted by the authorities, and that the abduction of the first protester was by no means “staged” in any way. In fact, it’s par for the course in a city that is under martial law lockdown where the First Amendment is a criminal offense. The first video also clearly shows uniformed riot police telling the man in the red bandana not to interfere with the abduction of the protester, proving that this is a coordinated kidnapping and not “staged” by protesters as Neo-Cons are claiming.

Instead of displaying a knee-jerk infantile reaction, spitting their dummies out and crying “fake,” these mindless Neo-Cons who deny reality need to look themselves in the mirror, become real men again and realize that the LRAD sound weapons and the ceaseless gutting of the First Amendment is not just aimed at “pinko commie” anarchists – the sound cannons and the police state is also focused firmly on conservative activists and Tea Party protests.

It’s time to grow up, grow a pair, and face the truth that America is now a militarized police state.

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, September 25, 2009

Comprehend VeriChip’s Swine Flu Chip

The Reuters report below tells how on Monday VeriChip shares jumped 186% due to a patent on their swine flu pandemic detecting mini-microchip for the purpose of human implantation which is a massive upgrade to their current microchip already in thousands of people from children to the elderly. If your grasp of technological devices hangs from floppy disks to WiFi let Reuters inform you a little bit about VeriChip’s device (actually Reuters promotes the corporation’s stocks):

“VeriChip shares jump after H1N1 patent license win

“(Reuters) - Shares of VeriChip Corp (CHIP.O) tripled after the company said it had been granted an exclusive license to two patents, which will help it to develop implantable virus detection systems in humans.

“The patents, held by VeriChip partner Receptors LLC, relate to biosensors that can detect the H1N1 and other viruses, and biological threats such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, VeriChip said in a statement.

“The technology will combine with VeriChip’s implantable radio frequency identification devices to develop virus triage detection systems.

“The triage system will provide multiple levels of identification — the first will identify the agent as virus or non-virus, the second level will classify the virus and alert the user to the presence of pandemic threat viruses and the third level will identify the precise pathogen, VeriChip said in a white paper published May 7, 2009.

“Shares of VeriChip were up 186 percent at $3.28 Monday late afternoon trade on Nasdaq. They had touched a year high of $3.43 earlier in the session.”

If you look at VeriChip share prices for the following trading days prior to this announcement you can see a 100% jump with massive trading volume of shares indicating insider buying. Receiving patents for very unique devices are not surprises.

In the couple of days before this announcement the share price went from 0.56 cent to 1.15 cent a 107% rise before Monday’s 186% rise. The maximum number of shares traded in one day for the past few months was sixty thousand. This all kicked off with two hundred thousand shares traded in one day then up to six hundred and forty five thousand last Wednesday. Normally this sort of large volume trading can be seen six months before a big announcement so the correlation is not as brazen. On Monday when the company made a public hoopla about the patent, which allows insiders and others with the knowledge to legally buy, millions of shares were gobbled up within seconds.

Every year it is standard for a mild flu to kill only people who are already seriously ill. The H1N1 swine flu is very mild, how fortunate for VeriChip and fellow corporations in biotech that the media have hyped it up to fever pitch. A few months ago a phase six H1N1 pandemic was put in to place by an unelected organisation, the World Health Organisation. Certainly all this fear will help promote VeriChip’s technology.

Soon they might find some government lackeys dumb enough to order some. Ideal technology for surveillance-obsessed-pandemic-worrying states of the 21st century with tax payers’ money to waste. Billions already have been spent on billions of rushed vaccines for a very mild flu and more money spent on plans for ensuring the jab is given to every child, woman, and man.

All this during a global recession/depression when governments are making cutbacks except of course for bankrupting bank bailouts. If the mass injection plan goes off without a major incident relegating the banking scandal and the swine flu scare fades away in 2010 governments are going to have a lot of healthy angry people to deal with for throwing money away at bankrupt/corrupt banks.

Exactly what the hell is this new marker chip by Digital Angle’s VeriChip?

The spread of a pandemic with these chips can only be remotely detected if a large amount or the entire population have them. Trading Markets reports the Robert E. Carlson, Ph.D., President and CSO at Receptors, said: “Through our development partnership with VeriChip, we are focused on building an integrated suite of products that will identify a biological threat, from pandemic influenza and multiple-resistant pathogens”.

From VeriChips May 2009 white paper and older product development paper we learn that the chips contain a “glucose sensing system” housed in a “biocompatible membrane” with a Radio Frequency Identification device that WiFi can certantly read the same way Radio Frequency Identification chips in mobile phones are tracked. This “biostable sensing component” is “incorporated into a millimeter scale signal transduction and RFID enabled communication device.”

People who are still trying to catch up from the 250k floppy disk of the 90’s to remote wireless information transfer will struggle to comprehend technology now being introduced in to the public arena. Six years ago Hitachi introduced an RFID chip with embedded antenna only half a millimeter in size called the ยต-Chip which are now on the shelves attached to products we buy to track their delivery to the stores, but they don’t remove them once they have arrived. The Hitachi website article from 2003 said it “features an internal antenna, enabling chips to employ the energy of incoming electrical waves to wirelessly transmit”. “The 0.4mm X 0.4mm chip can thus operate entirely on its own”.

Vaccination and id tracking trials have in fact taken place last year. The Boston Globe from November 2008 informs us: “Boston disease trackers are embarking on a novel experiment - one of the first in the country - aimed at eventually creating a citywide registry of everyone who has had a flu vaccination.” “Keeping track of that cache of vaccine - and which patients are getting it”. “Dr. Alfred DeMaria, top disease doctor at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health said, “if you’re tracking multiple clinics in real time, you can see where the uptake is better and where it’s less, and then focus on outreach.” “When people arrive for their shots, they will get an ID bracelet […] information - name, age, gender, address - will be entered into the patient tracking database. There will be electronic records, too, of who gave the vaccine and whether it was injected into the right arm or the left, and time-stamped for that day.”

Mass injection of VeriChip devices under all of our skin is the only way the device could detect the spread of pandemics. A lofty and insane undertaking for the near future perhaps, but you’d be surprised how many people would accept illogical measures during a scare. Until there is confirmation these chips will be put in to use everyone’s main focus should be the illogical use of rushed vaccines for a mild flu. There are dangerous ingredients confirmed in the vaccines and the confidence of governments in them can be seen with governments granting legal immunity to manufactures and servants implementing the scheme.

Wise Up Journal

By Gabriel O’Hara

Barack As Christ: Obama Worship Song Adapted From “Jesus Loves The Little Children”

A shocking caveat to the Obama worship video now doing the rounds on the TV news talk shows, first reported by Prison Planet nearly a month ago, is the fact that the lyrics to the song that children of a New Jersey school are forced to sing are clearly adapted from a religious hymn called “Jesus Loves The Little Children,” which is one of the first songs that small children learn in church.

The idea of kids being forced to worship Obama in schools across America is no longer just a chilling example of Maoist style political brainwashing – children are literally being trained to religiously worship Obama via adapted versions of Christian hymns!

Jesus Loves The Little Children Lyrics

“Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red, yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight…”

Obama Worship Song Lyrics

“Barack Hussein Obama. He said Red, yellow, black or white all are equal in his sight…”

As one of our readers comments, “For me it sounded VERY familiar in tune…Sick how they are twisting the words. Soon there will be the Ten Commandments of Obama up in schools, and something new on our currency dealing with Trust. Total waste of Tax payer dollars. No wonder the kids don’t know who the first president of the US is. This is child abuse.”

In another video we showcased how the 21st century Obama Youth movement now being practiced in American schools has chilling parallels to the Hitler Youth of Nazi Germany.

For numerous other video examples of kids singing songs of praise to Obama in school, visit our previous articles.

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, September 24, 2009

Military Attacks American Citizens With Sound Weapons & Tear Gas At G20

REUTERS UPDATE: Secret Service confirms that police are shooting #g20 protesters with “bean bags.” But check out what they look like. Via

A 12 gauge round that direct fires a 26 gram or 40 gram bean bag projectile. Designed for single target engagement allowing escalation of force from a close distance prior to use of lethal means. It’s $9.95 per round.

A Effect on target: Incapacitation caused by loss of breath, psychological effect, and/or pain and extreme discomfort.

B. Time to Effect: Instantaneous

C. Duration of Effect: Seconds to Minutes based on power factor, distance and location of strike.

D. Effective Range: 7 yards (heavily clothed subject) to 20 yards

G20 Pittsburgh LIVE Coverage:

LIVE: G-20 Protesters In Pittsburgh Streets:
 National Guard, police, and other military units attacked American citizens with tear gas and deployed sound cannons today in response to an “unpermitted protest” as bedlam hit the streets on the first day of the G20 summit in downtown Pittsburgh.

The First Amendment is officially dead in the United States. If this isn’t martial law then we don’t know what is. Associated Press photographs show National Guard troops in full fatigues with active duty military running checkpoints that make the roadblocks in Iraq positively friendly. Like Iraq, America is now a conquered nation occupied by troops whose primary function is to oppress anyone who tries to express the freedoms that they once enjoyed.

It all unfolded live on The Alex Jones Show as the Infowars crew called in to the program as sound cannons were turned against protesters who police were attempting to force out of the immediate area.

“According to news agency reports, officers made their announcement over a loudspeaker telling people to leave or face arrest or “other police action,” reports the London Times. These words were broadcast live on the Alex Jones Show today along with police orders that the “unlawful assemblies should immediately disperse”.

“Protesters at one flashpoint reported the use of tear gas to disperse the crowds,” reports the Press Association.

Citing Pittsburgh criminal code, police bellowed through loudspeakers that unpermitted protests were a serious offense, an official death knell for the First Amendment.

Corporate media reports will obsess about anarchists causing nuisance without mentioning the fact that the You Tube video below clearly shows police terrorizing neighborhoods with ear-splitting sound weapons that are clearly a violation of all kinds of town ordinances related to public health and noise pollution.

Infowars correspondents reported live how police were “kettling” protesters into confined areas in an attempt to subdue them. Jason Bermas reported seeing mask wearing anarchists, who have been caught before on numerous occasions provoking violence as a pretext for the police to crackdown, throwing objects and tipping over garbage cans.

As we have previously reported, 2,500 National Guardsmen along with Marines and the Air Force are stationed in Pittsburgh to provide “security” for the G20 summit. Their primary training routine revolved around “crowd control” and dealing with civil unrest. The sight of troops on the streets of America, even for routine traffic control and “security” is now commonplace as the land of the free sinks into a militarized police state.

A police officer tries to block a street during a protest before the start of the G20 Pittsburgh Summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania September 24, 2009.

National Guard troops man a checkpoint into downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, near the site of the G20 summit. World economic leaders arrive in the city later today for 2 days of meetings. Thousands of police deployed behind steel barriers here Thursday to protect a summit of 20 world leaders, as streets were closed and shop windows boarded up in case of violent protests.

National Guard troops man a checkpoint into downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, near the site of the G20 summit. Thousands of police deployed behind steel barriers here Thursday to protect a summit of 20 world leaders, as streets were closed and shop windows boarded up in case of violent protests.

A demonstrator kicks a pepper gas canister thrown by police during a protest before the start of the G20 Pittsburgh Summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania September 24, 2009.

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Maximum Alert: U.S. Troops Now Occupying America

Under the pretext of “helping” local communities short of police in difficult economic times, as well as preparations for a potential swine flu pandemic, U.S. troops are now occupying America as the country sinks into a state of de facto martial law.

We have been inundated with reports over the last few weeks of uniformed soldiers and National Guardsmen running internal checkpoints all over the country as a frightening “Red Dawn” scenario unfolds not with a bang but with a whimper.

The military are now being called upon to undertake roles normally designated to police as Americans are incrementally acclimated to accept the presence of troops on the streets as an everyday occurrence.

The latest example occurred in Newport Kentucky earlier this month when military checkpoints suddenly appeared downtown on September 6. Military Police from the U.S. Army National as well as Marines were purportedly conducting “traffic control” because the city was strapped for funds and did not have enough police to do the job.

Members of the WeAreChange Ohio group interviewed some of the troops, who when asked if they would be prepared to “confiscate guns, shoot resisters in the back of the head, or throw people into ovens to incinerate bodies,” refused to categorically deny that they would follow such orders.

Watch the video below.

However, this was by no means the first time that troops have been used to fulfil roles normally ascribed to police in Kentucky.

During the Kentucky Derby on May 2 this year, Military Police were on patrol to deal with crowd control. An Associated Press photograph shows armed MP’s detaining a man who ran onto the track following the 135th Kentucky Derby horse race at Churchill Downs.

“The military has NO BUSINESS policing the citizens except during extraordinarily exceptional times of national emergency by an executive order. This is very disturbing and completely un-American. Maybe even more disturbing is that no one seems to care how quietly and easily we have accepted the burgeoning police state,” one respondent to the photo stated.

As we reported last year, U.S. troops returning from Iraq are now occupying America, running checkpoints and training to deal with “civil unrest and crowd control” under the auspices of a Northcom program that by 2011 will have no less than 20,000 active duty troops deployed inside America to “help” state and local officials during times of emergency.

Over the course of the last couple of years, we have reported on numerous instances of military involvement with local law enforcement in violation of Posse Comitatus.

In January, soldiers from the Virginia National Guard. Soldiers from the Lynchburg-based 1st Battalion, 116th Brigade Combat Team, were used to conduct personal searches at checkpoints in Washington DC for the inauguration of Barack Obama.

In March, we reported on U.S. Army troops dispatched to patrol the streets of Samson, Alabama, after a murder spree.

On April 6, we reported on a DHS, federal, state, Air Force, and local law enforcement checkpoint in Tennessee. On April 3, Infowars was instrumental in the cancellation of a seatbelt checkpoint that was to be conducted in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security and the 251st Military Police in Bolivar, Tennessee.

Last December, we reported on the Marine Corps Air and Ground Combat Center dispatching troops to work with police on checkpoints in in San Bernardino County, California.

On April 22, we reported the deployment of 400 National Guard Combat Support Battalion troops to “maintain public order” at the Boston Marathon.

Last June, Infowars posted an article by D. H. Williams of the Daily Newscaster reporting the deployment of 2,300 Marines in the city of Indianapolis under the direction of FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

We also reported a story on April 22 covering the assault of a local television news team by an irate police officer in El Paso, Texas. A video taken by the news videographer shows uniformed soldiers working with police officers at the scene of a car accident.

The presence of uniformed and armed military police at the Kentucky Derby and those seen recently at the Riverfest celebration is part of an ongoing campaign to acclimate the populace to the presence of soldiers at public events.

This has now rapidly accelerated with reports pouring in from our readers of military checkpoints being set up all over the country in preparation for the swine flu pandemic.

Last week we reported on the testimony of a military whistleblower who warned that law enforcement and military personnel are training to set up checkpoints in order to catch people who refuse to take the swine flu vaccination.

In a You Tube video, a woman describing herself as a soldier explains how she was part of a drill in California centered around setting up roadblocks and checkpoints so authorities could check who has received the swine flu vaccine. Those who have had the shots will be fitted with an RFID bracelet so they can be tracked. Those who have not taken the shot will be offered it there and then and if they still refuse, will be carted off to an internment camp, according to the woman.

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It Is Going To Be A Rocky Road

Let’s face it: most Americans live in a world of false security. This is somewhat understandable, given the fact that the majority of the U.S. population was born after 1945. Few remember the dangers and hardships of World War II; fewer still remember the Great Depression. Few Americans know what it’s like to not have some sort of “supercenter” nearby with shelves stocked with every kind of food imaginable, twenty-four hours a day. Few know what life was like before there were restaurants of all sizes and types on virtually every street corner in America. And only a handful remembers when most roads were unpaved, or when sports were truly a pastime and not a megabuck obsession.

Modern living within the world’s only “superpower” has created a giant unsuspecting, soft, lackadaisical, and lethargic society. We expect the government to keep our streets safe, our roads paved, our stores stocked, our jobs secure, and our enemies at bay. However, in the desire to make government the panacea for all our problems, we have sold not only our independence, but also our virtue.

Where the federal government was contracted (via the U.S. Constitution) to accept limited power for the overall good of both states and people, it has become a monster of gargantuan proportions, claiming authority over virtually every liberty and right known to man. And in the process, it decided it didn’t need God, either.

It is no hyperbole to say that the U.S. federal government has been on a “Ban God” bandwagon for the past 50 years. Whether it kicks prayer and Bible reading out of school, bars military chaplains from praying in Jesus’ name, burns Bibles in Iraq, removes state supreme court chief justices from their positions for posting the Ten Commandments, or threatens high school principals with jail for asking the blessing, the federal government has invoked the judgment of Heaven upon our country as surely as did Old Testament Israel.

Although the comfortable, sports-crazed, TV addicts probably aren’t paying attention, this country is on the verge of an implosion like you cannot believe. For anyone who cares to notice, the signs are everywhere.

First of all, Israel and Iran are on the verge of war. And right now, I’m not concentrating on the “why” or “who’s right or wrong” of the equation. I’m simply telling you, war between Israel and Iran could break out at any time. And when it does, the chances that it will not become nuclear and not become global are miniscule. Yes, I am saying it: the prospects for nuclear war have never been greater. The CBS-canceled TV show, JERICHO, could become a reality in these United States in the very near future. (I strongly urge readers to purchase both seasons of JERICHO and watch them, because this could be our future.)

Secondly, America is on the verge of total financial collapse. By the end of this year, America’s budget deficit will stand at around $2 trillion. The debt gap is many trillions more than that. But the nail in the coffin for America’s fiscal health will be the decision by China to dump the U.S. dollar. Ladies and gentlemen, this will be the death knell for our financial stability (and a painful lesson in sowing and reaping).

It is estimated that China owns around one-third of all U.S. debt. If and when China dumps the U.S. dollar, there would be nothing left to stabilize it, and Weimar Republic/Zimbabwe-style inflation will ensue. America will be thrust into financial chaos. (If one doubts that China is planning to dump the dollar, consider that China is currently purchasing and stockpiling gold at an unprecedented level. This is why gold has suddenly surged to over $1,000 per ounce and why it will continue to rise.)

Third, the paranoia regarding the Swine Flu being demonstrated by both government and media spokesmen begs a giant push for some type of “government solution.” If they keep hyping this “pandemic,” mass hysteria and fear (created by the government and its lackeys in the media) will result. This would, no doubt, necessitate some form of forced vaccination, quarantine (maybe this is what all those internment camps will be used for), and martial law.

Exactly how and when all of the above will actually materialize is yet to be seen. There is no doubt in my mind, however, that within the next few months, the world that we know today is going to vanish. And most Americans are totally unprepared for what’s coming.

If you are able to get out of debt, do it. If you need to scale down your lifestyle in order to be better prepared for difficult days, do it. If you don’t have guns and ammo, buy them. If you have not prepared some sort of preserved food pantry, do it. If you don’t have some kind of survival plan in place for you and your family, get one. If you are not physically fit, get in shape. If you are able to move to a more secure, out-of-harm’s-way location, do it. (During any kind of financial or societal meltdown, urban areas will quickly turn into war zones. Can anyone say, “New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina”?) In other words, get your nose out of the boob tube, get your bottom off the easy chair, and get busy.

Am I worried or discouraged? Absolutely not! (But I am preparing.) The potential good that may result from all of the above is that perhaps God will protect and raise up a remnant of people who would be willing to rebuild a place where Natural Law is respected, constitutional government is revered, and where a ubiquitous, loathsome, overbearing federal government is far, far away. You know, like America’s Founding Fathers did 233 years ago.

In the meantime, get ready. It’s going to be a rocky road.

Obama Plans Internet Grab: FCC to Embrace 'Net Neutrality'

Since the Internet took root as a mass communications phenomenon in the mid 1990s, a quiet war has raged in Washington over the extent to which the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) would regulate the new medium.

Until, now the Internet has been largely self-regulated, and the FCC has taken a hands-off approach.

But that could change dramatically soon if the Obama administration has its way.

During the weekend, press reports revealed a stunning development: The Obama administration will announce Monday that the FCC would propose new rules to embrace what it calls "Net Neutrality."

Obama's new Federal Communications Commission chairman, Julius Genachowski, will use a speech to the Brookings Institution, a liberal think tank, to announce the FCC proposals, according to those reports.

On the face of it, Net Neutrality appears to be a popular and fair proposal.

Genachowski will "propose new rules that would prohibit Internet service providers from interfering with the free flow of information and certain applications over their networks," according to the Associated Press.

The FCC rules "would bar Internet service providers such as Verizon Communications Inc., Comcast Corp. or AT&T Inc., from slowing or blocking certain services or content flowing through their vast networks," according to the AP.

But critics contend that the proposals are nothing more than a backdoor way for the FCC to tighten federal control over the Internet by beginning with the regulation of Internet service providers.

The battle lines over Net Neutrality have formed along partisan and ideological lines, with some exceptions.

During the presidential campaign, Obama said he would embrace Net Neutrality — a cause championed by Google and other Silicon Valley companies that don't want large Internet service providers denying or controlling their access to Internet users.

But Republicans have largely opposed Net Neutrality, suggesting self regulation has worked well.

The previous FCC chairman, Bush appointee Kevin Martin opposed Net Neutrality. He suggested it was not needed.

Conservatives see Net Neutrality as a power grab that will benefit big Internet players such as Amazon and Google while stifling smaller competitors.

The libertarian CATO Institute, in a 2004 policy analysis concluded: "The regulatory regime envisioned by Net Neutrality mandates would also open the door to a great deal of potential 'gaming' of the regulatory system and allow firms to use the regulatory system to hobble competitors. Worse yet, it would encourage more FCC regulation of the Internet and broadband markets in general."

Democrats in Congress have pushed for such controls in the past without success. In 2006 House Democrats offered an amendment to make Net Neutrality law, but the motion failed.

At the time Republicans warned of efforts to control the Internet.

"I want a vibrant Internet just like they do," Rep. Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican, said during the 2006 House debate over the issue. "Our disagreement is about how to achieve that. They say let the government dictate it . . . I urge my colleagues to reject government regulation of the Internet."

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Panamax 2009: A U.S. Military Exercise to Train Soldiers to Impose Pandemic Martial Law

Editor’s note: Military exercise designed to train soldiers to “stop people from going to work and school,” according to the U.S. Navy.

Representatives from 10 U.S. government agencies are holding a two-day table-top exercise in cooperation with the government of Panama to assist in responding to any future influenza pandemic Sept. 16.

The agency representatives are in Panama in conjunction with Fuerzas Aliadas PANAMAX 2009, a 12-day military security training exercise involving 20 countries.

The representatives discussed how the United States and the Panamanian government can manage an influenza outbreak by utilizing their agencies’ assets to combat a pandemic.

“Our goal is to work as close as possible with the Panamanians in case there is a real threat, such as a pandemic influenza,” said U.S. Navy Capt. Miguel A. Cubano, a medical doctor and command surgeon for the U.S. Southern Command. “We want to help them set up a plan so a pandemic outbreak does not have a great impact on their economy, stop people from going to work and school and stop the operations of the Panama Canal.”

The agencies present included the Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Agency for International Development, Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy.

Since the severity of flu outbreaks is difficult to predict, the U.S. agencies are sharing tools and information to help Panama combat any level of influenza outbreak.

Influenza usually starts suddenly, with symptoms that include fever, headache, tiredness, coughing, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, diarrhea and vomiting. Many different illnesses, including the common cold, can have similar symptoms, so diagnosis and communication are key to anticipating an unusually severe flu outbreak.

The U.S. Navy is working with the Panamanian government and other U.S. agencies to build a preventive plan to fight all diseases, not just the flu.

According to U.S. Coast Guard Cmdr. Joselito S. Ignacio, head of the Coast Guard’s Environment Health Division, Navy and Coast Guard vessels could play an important role in combating future epidemics.

“The Coast Guard will work diligently to provide maritime support in our role to help the people of Panama defeat a pandemic outbreak,” Ignacio said.

The pandemic exercise is not directly part of the FA PANAMAX 2009 maritime exercise, but is occurring concurrently.

FA PANAMAX 2009 is one of the largest multinational training exercises in the world, and is taking place in the waters off the coasts of Panama from Sept. 11-22 with the participation of civil and military forces.

More than 20 vessels and a dozen aircraft are involved in the exercises. Participants are focusing on a variety of responses to any request from the Government of Panama to protect and guarantee safe passage of traffic through the Panama Canal, ensure its neutrality, and respect national sovereignty. Simulated ground forces are also participating at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas.

Mass Communication Specialist David P. Coleman
September 21, 2009